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Welcome to The Way Of The Metagamer Metawiki

The Way Of The Metagamer Metawiki is a wiki about The Way Of The Metagamer. Being a wiki, anyone can edit! If you want to help out, try writing a wanted page, or expanding on a stub page.


The Way Of The Metagamer is a humorous, OotS-styled comic about Dungeons and Dragons originally about Dungeons and Dragons, but mostly focusing on a combination of TV Tropes and its own complete lack of Fourth wall. You can read it here.

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  • new page Titular
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    New page: Titular is the first Title-Text person for TWoTM. After not being allowed to the first party, he became angry, and demanded payment in awesome...
    Summary: Added page.
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  • new page Ocarina of Time
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    New page: Added by Snowyowl The Ocarina of Time is the artifact from the Zelda game of the same name. As of the end of Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey, it is...
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  • new page Emergency home-time relocation
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    New page: Emergency home-time relocation is a feature of the GIGAHERTZ . It immediately returns the characters to the present, without needing coordinates or...
    Summary: Woo, bluelinks!
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    Summary: Yes, I made a lot of redlinks. I do that. And we need a page on Suzumiya, and I'm not writing it because I have not watched the anime in question. Yet.
  • new page Hat deprivation illness
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    New page: Hat deprivation illness, as the name implies, is an illness brought about through lack of cool hats. It is a mental deficiency, whereby the one...
    Summary: Started page.
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