The Clayton Forrester Volumetrically Displayed Entertainment and World-Taking Over Device, or CFVDEWTOD, is a device for producing tactile illusions invented by Doctor Clayton Forrester. The acronym "CFVDEWTOD" is notoriously hard to pronounce, as only Doctor Forrester himself has managed to pronounce it correctly.

Introduced in comic #111, the CFVDEWTOD uses a volumetric display to produce visuals of situations, and uses zero-point focusing fields to produce tactile output; in essence, it is a holodeck. However, that wouldn't work very well for world-taking over, so the CFVDEWTOD has another feature: the simulations are designed to malfunction, trapping the occupants within the now-lethal simulation.

This device is curiously similar to the later appearing holocabana, with the important difference that the holocabana does not malfunction and trap its occupants in lethal simulations.


Main article: CFVDEWTODSFE

During Take That Us, Joel Robinson modifies his 'bots to suit the comic's art style, and Doctor Forrester decides to do the same thing to his CFVDEWTOD. Thus was born the Clayton Forrester Volumetrically Displayed Entertainment and World-Taking Over Device Stick Figure Edition, or CFVDEWTODSFE. It is almost identical to the regular CFVDEWTOD, except it now has eyes and angry eyebrows.

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